Submit Your Halloween-Food-in-Japan Images & Links!

Every year, I like to do a Halloween-in-Japan post to track the increasing popularity of the holiday and see how Japanese marketers and people celebrate it. Since I’m Stateside this year, I’d like you to help!

Mister Donut Hallowe3n Doughnuts 2013
Mister Donut Hallowe3n Doughnuts 2013

I’m into visual anthropology, so I love photos! If you’re prefer to send me a link to articles in English or Japanese or to web content, that’s fine, too. Also, if you ate the food, let me know what you thought! I’m dying to know what the new Kit Kats will taste like…

Image credits: for screenshots, include the url of the source; for photos, include where the photo was taken. (e.g. “Baskin Robbins in Namba”). Please do not include photos of students below the age of majority.

Anonymous submissions are fine, but if you’d like me to link back to your blog or social media handle, I’d be able to do so!

Depending on the volume and content of the submissions, I may do one big post around Oct. 27 or several smaller ones throughout October.

How to submit:

Email: illmakeitmyself @ gmail . com

Twitter: @illmakeitmyself

Tumblr: illmakeitmyself

Facebook: – direct message or wall post

Questions? Comments? Links? Let me know in the comments!

More Halloween food in Japan:

Halloween Taste-Testing: Starbucks Japan Autumn Menu 2012

Halloween Taste-Testing: Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kats

Halloween Taste-Testing: Mister Donut and Doughnut Plant

Halloween Taste-Testing: Koshiyama Kanseido Pumpkin Dorayaki


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wendy says:

    I tried the pumpkin kit kats this year. They are better than last year, and look better too. Last year they were purplish… This year they are orangey. They taste is very sweet and not too much pumpkin. Pretty similar to last year I think, just a different colour.

    1. Leah says:

      Thanks! That sounds really good.

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