Kickstarter: Amy’s Mochi (Seattle)


Update: unfortunately, Amy decided to end the Kickstarter early due to insufficient funding, but hopefully she’ll try again! I really want to eat these mochi…

Look at these luscious hand-made mochi! I found this Kickstarter via Have You Nerd? and, readers, I need this in my life. Amy’s Mochi is fundraising to cover the costs of starting up in Seattle – kitchen equipment, website, marketing, research and development – with the intent to sell them at weekly events (farmers’ markets) and/or pop-up shops.

Source: Know Your Meme
Source: Know Your Meme

From the Kickstarter:

What is mochi?

Most people are familiar with the traditional Japanese mochi made with sweet rice.  It has a chewy texture and is usually filled with a red bean paste.  Our mochi is inspired by my mother in law’s recipe with a Chinese influence, we want to share our mochi with the rest of the greater Seattle community. We think our mochi is unique and different than what is currently available in the area. We want to start by expanding our catering capacity and presenting them at weekly events and/or pop ups. Perhaps a small store front and bigger events if there is a strong demand!

What have we done so far?

We are in the process of acquiring the proper business licenses, currently researching product suppliers, catering kitchens, coordinating possible pop ups/events and finalizing recipes.

We hope that if this kickstarter is a successful, we will launch sometime in early April.

How will your money be spent?

Commercial Kitchen: In order to cater at most commercial events, our mochis will need to be made in a commercial kitchen, this is our highest start up and on going cost.

Equipment: We need funding to purchase equipment that can scale out to create larger batches, we also lack the equipment required for moving and storing. In addition, we will need funding for banners and booth equipment for venues and events.

Licenses/website: We need funding to help cover the various start up costs involving mainly of licenses and marketing.

Testing: We need funding for supplies to test and fine tune new flavors.

Fees: Kickstarter and CC fees for this project. (8-10%)

Launch Flavors

Mochi with creamy rich Nutella filling with fresh roasted crush hazelnuts.

Mango Mochi with Mango and Green Bean [ed.: ingen can mean “green bean,” but it probably refers to the sweet white beans used for fillling.

Green tea blended Mochi with fresh ground Red Bean.

Mochi with fresh mashed Taro.

Mochi with fresh mashed Purple Yam.

Mochi with fresh roasted and ground Black Sesame.

Mochi with vanilla bean custard.

The deadline is March 28, 2014, so hop to it!

via Amy’s Mochi by Amy Eam — Kickstarter.



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