Star Wars Gingerbread

Silly name aside, if you’re a geek in Seattle this holiday season, you must check out the Sheraton Hotel’s annual (and free) gingerbread village “May the Holidays Be With You.” That’s right, Star Wars-themed gingerbread to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Here’s some photos I took last weekend!

“Seattle Sweeties” Campaign Predictably Compares Women to Food, Detracts from Cause

I desperately wanted to like “Seattle Sweeties,” Cupcake Royale’s line of cupcakes benefiting Runway to Freedom and Mary’s Place, NPOs that work with homeless women and survivors of domestic violence to help. I love cupcakes almost as much as I love overthrowing the patriarchy. Yet the campaign’s language, in trying to empower women, only manages to reduce them to food terms, objects for consumption.

Kickstarter: Amy’s Mochi (Seattle)

Update: unfortunately, Amy decided to end the Kickstarter early due to insufficient funding, but hopefully she’ll try again! I really want to eat these mochi… Look at these luscious hand-made mochi! I found this Kickstarter via Have You Nerd? and, readers, I need this in my life. Amy’s Mochi is fundraising to cover the costs…

Bainbridge Organic Distillers

After an ad in The Stranger peaked our interest for Bainbridge Organic Distillers, we finally had a chance to visit the distillery on Bainbridge Island a couple weeks ago. Up until my visit, I don’t think I had ever had vodka or gin straight and enjoyed it. “Common knowledge” holds that gin is gross on its own, and as…

Kitchen Library, 2013.08.19

In this much belated edition of Kitchen Library: “fun” with moving, I love Fremont, and retro food links.

The Import Store, Preserved

During Dragon Fest, I headed over to the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. Although I had initially gone to see the art exhibitions, I also discovered that the museum includes the storefront of the former Yick Fung Co. grocery, preserved as it was when it closed in 2008. The store was…

Baudrillard and the Food Truck: Dragon Fest 2013

One of the aspects I hadn’t anticipated as much regarding my culture shock expectations was adjusting to Americanized- and fusion Japanese food, especially for foods that I encountered for the first time in Japan. This isn’t to say that American-Japanese food isn’t delicious–quite the contrary–but it can be a bit alarming at times to see…

Happy Pride!

Check out these rainbow cupcakes from Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.!

Kitchen Library, 2013.06.20

In this Kitchen Library: cooking without recipes, the best pies in Fremont (not the worst in London), and the history of bourbon. Cooking Sans Recipes First of all, 待たせた, blackberries. I’ve been waiting.

Kitchen Library 2013.06.11: Welcome to Seattle!

During my first week here, my friends took me out to some of their favorite brewpubs (and some new ones) and for once in my life, I’m grateful for the jet lag, since it’s the perfect “excuse” to drink all the coffee. Came to the right city for that! Six Arms/McMenamins I missed you, cheese!…