Spring for Zines! at Vermillion

Spring for Zines

Welcome back, readers!

Some updates:

  • Thanks to all of you, our Kickstarter is funded! We’ve reached 2 of 3 stretch goals. There are two days left to support us and get a pre-order of The Corners of Their Mouth Issue 2. Please share!
  • I’ve been working on edits for the flavor text that turned into an essay about our various botched attempts at cooking for men who don’t appreciate it vs. cooking for each other.
  • Robin and I will be at Spring for Zines at Vermillion on April 27 from 12-6 pm. Hope to see you there! You can get my new mini-zine “I Love You Like An Octopus,” “Food is Queer” and bi-pride doughnut stickers, recipe cards, and limited edition Language of Flowers prints. We will also have The Corners of Their Mouth’s 3rd run there!

  • We’ve also applied to some zine fairs in Washington and Oregon this summer and fall!
  • I have an upcoming piece on sharing the labor at home for Dinner Bell and am waiting on final confirmation the draft I sent for another pitch about gardening and C-PTSD.
  • Want to know what I’m cooking? For $2 a month, you can support indie publishing and queer food blogging, plus get recipes and bonus content on my Patreon.
  • Coming soon: after the Kickstarter ends and I’m back from a short vacation, I have an exciting new The Room on Cake and a Cake-Wreck-style birthday cake for you!

Thanks for your support!


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