What I Ate in Nagano, Day 1: On the Road to Yudanaka Onsen (長野の名産を食べる旅:第一日)


Craft beer wasn’t the only delicious thing I had on my trip to Nagano. Let’s recap!

今回日本語でも書いてみようと思って、日本語で読む興味がある方がいらっしゃいますか?スノーモンキービアライブのんために長野へのROAD TRIP、行こう!

Local Kit Kats 地域限定のキットカット

One thing I like about road trips (in cars or buses) in Japan is stopping at highway service areas and Michi no Eki, which are rest stops with local food items and souvenirs. At the Nadachi Tanihama service area, we stopped for snacks. I found Niigata prefecture’s Le Lectier pear Kit Kats.

日本で車かハイウェイバスでロードトリップする魅力はサービスエリアと道の駅で止まることです。名立谷浜サービスエリアで軽食を買うようにちょっと止まりました。そこで新潟限定のル レクチエ(洋梨の味)のキットカットをゲットしました〜

Niigata Pear Kit Kats @ I'll Make It Myself


These are white chocolate and pear Kit Kats– really delicious with a very strong pear flavor.


The Wonders of Vending Machines(変な自動販売機の魅力)

While I was picking out Kit Kats, my husband decided that he would try the French fries from the vending machine. I’ve traveled on buses a lot more than he has and have never had the courage to try vending-machine fries or onigiri.


Vending Machine at Nadachi Tanihama Service Area @ I'll Make It Myself

Of the options, which also included hot dogs, takoyaki, fried chicken and onigiri, oyaki onigiri, fries seemed the safest.


For science!
For science!

How do you offer hot food without risking food poisoning? All the items are kept frozen until ordered. These fries were steamed in their package. They actually tasted like frozen Ore-Ida fries–well, if you cooked them in the microwave instead of the oven. No ketchup, though.


Surge イタリア料理のサージ

Much like in the US, getting off at an exit and hoping there will be something good to eat other than chain restaurants is a problem here, too. With a pescetarian in the party, we wanted to stop somewhere other than a family restaurant or a conbini. Just as we were getting sick of playing “punch ramen” (think punch buggy but with ramen shops), we spotted Surge, an Italian restaurant right next to a Gusto in Iiyama.


Surge @ I'll Make It Myself

We were not disappointed! There was a salad- and drink bar included in the sets.


Coffee and Salad Bar at Surge @ I'll Make It Myself



Oh, proper salad, how I’ve missed you!



Surge Mushroom Cream Pasta @ I'll Make It Myself
Mushroom Cream Pasta キノコとクリームソーズのパスタ
Surge Sausage and Onion Pizza @ I'll Make It Myself
Sausage and Onion Pizza サッセージと玉ねぎのピザ
Surge Genovese Scallop Pizza @ I'll Make It Myself
Genovese Scallop Pizza ジェノベーゼ風ホタテのピザ

I recommend this place–way better than conbini dinner. Glad we found it!


Surge (サージ)
Nagano Prefecture, Iiyama, Shizuma, 1377-1

Shiga Kogen Beers 志賀高原の地ビール

Shiga Kogen Beers @ I'll Make It Myself


We arrived at our hotel in Yudanaka Onsen around 9. What better way to prepare for a beer festival than with…beer? We went to Lawson and it was stocked with five different kinds of local craft beer! Not fair, Kanazawa, not fair.


Next time: Soba, manju, and onsen eggs as we head for Jigokudani.



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